tashi-gyatso.jpg “Some are born great, others achieve greatness.”
- William Shakespeare

MeYuL Profile => Tashi Gyatso

It started out on a raving school graduation party when he performed in front of hundreds of students and staff at a young age of 14.  Gaining the much needed confidence from his first experience on the stage, he became passionate about the art of dancing. 

He is Tashi Gyatso, a super talented dancer, singer and a guitarist from Dharamsala.

During his school days, his elder brother (Tenzin Dondul) first taught him how to play a guitar that he felt a strong connection with music. Ever since then he never stopped playing.

[An undated video of Tashi showing some of his moves]

Tashi says, while some people seek peace and solace from the aesthetics of music, he tries to learn how some great music in the world is composed.  He is fascinated with the ingenuity of personal expressions in those music and endeavours to learn them.

[Tashi's cover of Bon Jovi's Bed of Roses]

Although Tashi hails from Mundgod Doeguling Tibetan settlement, in South India, he grew up in Dharamsala in Northern part of India, to which he expresses to have a close affinity with.  A “Dhasa boy” at heart, he completed his schooling from TCV Lower Dharamsala and SOS TCV Gopalpur respectively.  A recent graduate in Political Science, he is a mixture of politics, melodies and rhythms.  He is a proud alumnus of Madras Christian College in Chennai.

[Tashi chilling on his original composition]

Music is his passion and dance, his dream.  Tashi lets himself loose and feels the rhythm of the music in his veins, experiencing utter happiness and contentment.   He confesses that music is much easier to express his thoughts and feelings.  He does not profess to have that one favourite artist, like some of us do, but he is a huge fan of few popular artists and singers such as J. Cole, Aer, Jack-U, Drake, T.I, Beatles, The Doors and George Ezra.

[Cover of a Tibetan song - Zamling Diyi Nangla]

Tashi’s inspiration comes from his family and friends because they are very supportive of his passion and are never tired of watching him dance to the same beat and sing the same songs umpteen number of times.   He appreciates the support of his friends in making him realise his talents, yet for the lack of opportunities in his present situation, could hold him back.  However, he claims that this certainly does not stop him in his struggles in reaching his goal. If it is one thing that he has to lose in life, it just won’t be his passion for music and dance!

[Tashi's moves on "My Love (feat. T.I.)" by Justin Timberlake]

So, to all the people reading this blog!  This talented, artistic and ingenuous guy is definitely someone to look out for. We greatly anticipate his next installment of videos, grooving to amazing beats!

Here is another cover song by Tashi, Enjoy!!

[Here without you cover by Tashi Gyatso]

We wish Tashi Gyatso a successful and promising career ahead in pursuing his dreams! 

MeYuL Profile => Tashi Gyatso

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  • Guest - Pems

    amazing talent.. Great job Tashi!! you should make more videos and better quality. the video quality is not good yet your talent is amazing

    from Toronto, ON, Canada
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  • Sure I will look forward to better one and thanks alot for Ur compliment :)

    from Dhar, Himachal Pradesh 176201, India
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  • Never stop dreaming! Never stop believing!! Keep up the spirit!!

    from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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  • I will brother and thanks for believing in me .

    1 Like
  • keep it up tashi. good luck for your future

    from Mysuru, Karnataka, India
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  • my best wishes for u...

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  • Guest - Tenzin Dhargyal ( teedee )

    Always been a fan of yours and will be !! Nice job bro .. Keep rocking

    from New Delhi, Delhi, India
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  • Guest - nome3332002@yahoo.co.in

    Good Job Tashi! Like the dancing alot.

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