In the old days, the State Oracle would speak to the Dalai Lama, and give him directions on how to conduct state affairs. Now times have changed, and though some might miss the past democracy is more fitting for a modern state - so the Dalai Lama decided in March 2011. Incumbent Tibetan PM Lobsang Sangay, pictured with the Dalai Lama, has a lot riding on him

It was a long time before I learnt to not completely believe what was said to me. It started with my mother. In the third year of when I was in the same class, Class VII D, she said I should become a monk. You will not have to struggle with responsibilities like normal people with hair and problems.

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This is my story, my struggle, the life that I have to make peace with – but I am not the only one. All those men who didn’t hesitate to exploit one child can exploit other children, too. If each man who did those things to me as a child did that to even two other girls, that is 21 girls alone. And how many other men like these must be out there? All of my abusers were Tibetan.

From recollection of my memories, people said "from where Tenzin Gang is situated, Tibet is just a mountain pass away”, popular thought was that they only have to cross a mountain to get home when Tibet became free again. The whispers of memories of home in Tibet has not even settled in the hearts of young ones that locals pasted posters demanding Tibetans be removed from the area, a movement initiated by local youths if I remember correctly

I was ready to finally embrace our democracy, but what awaited me was truly shocking and slightly disappointing. Heavy imputations, vague rules and regulations and arbitrary changes brought a lot of confusion and debate among the Tibetan community in exile.

Thousands of Tibetan foot-soldiers, who fought the 1971 Bangladesh war as part of the secret Special Frontier Force, are living in abject poverty, still waiting for their dues.

Walking in the silent streets of Dhasa’s cold autumn night, I feel your joy of a friend’s company after what I hope was a hearty dinner. Rythmic steps echoing companionship, hope and hopefully few laughs giving the street a homely feel opposed to mad traffic ridden place it is during the day.

Fifty-six years later, Bonjutsang’s pain and his anger over his mother’s murder have not faded. “China is still the enemy,” he said. He has never returned to Tibet, and admits that he may never be able to. Yet, his hope that Tibet will regain its independence has not faded—and that hope is sustained by his unshakeable faith in the Dalai Lama

B V Prakash writes about the Namdroling Monastery in Bylakuppe, which houses beautifully-designed shrines, and traces its growth as a learning centre and tourist destination.

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